Expecting a new member of the family is an exciting time, whether it’s your first, second or even your third child. I would love to capture these truly magical times of your life for you, and give you beautiful photographs to cherish for a lifetime. To give you the opportunity to document both of these special stages in your life, I now offer you an exclusive deal on my new ‘from Bump to Baby’ package.

Curacao Photographer | Madeline Hewitt Photography

I have been photographing pregnant women and newborn babies for over five years now and I am still honored for every single time I am allowed to capture these special moments in life for my clients. I would love to create lasting memories of these unforgettable early stages of your baby’s life with photographs that you will treasure forever. If you are interested in booking our special ‘From Bump to Baby’ package or you have any questions regarding the photo sessions, please email me at info@madelinehewitt.com.