Curacao Photographer | Madeline Hewitt Photography

So you’ve just booked your photo session on Curacao, yay! But now what? How do you prepare? Some people get super nervous for their photo session and have no idea on what to expect. I’m here to tell you this: relax, no worries! There’s really not that much for you to do, but I’ll try talk you through some of the best do’s and don’ts in this post.

DO: Carefully select your outfit(s)

I’ve put this one first because this is the only make and break factor of your photo session. Your choice of clothing is everything, so think about it carefully. Look up some images online and see what style you’d like to go for. If you’ve booked a session just for you, you’re free to go all out with any colors and fabrics you’d like to wear. If you’ve booked a couple’s session or a family session, there’s a bit more to keep in mind. Try to coordinate the outfits everyone will be wearing for the best results. What usually works great for groups is to stick to a certain color palette and opt for softer and more pastel and earthy toned colors. White is a great color that you can always add to tie pretty much every color palette together.

Some beautiful color palettes to consider for your upcoming photo session on Curacao

DON’T: Prints, large designer logos and matching outfits

There’s not a lot of don’ts for selecting an outfit, but I do always tell my clients to avoid items with busy prints and large texts or designer logos. They are kind of distracting and can draw the eye to the wrong places in your photos. I’m also not a fan of the overly ‘matchy’ outfits, where the entire family is basically wearing the same thing. Try to combine outfits keeping a certain color palette in mind, without all wearing khaki’s and a white shirt.

DO: Think about adding some props and accessories

This is not a must if you’re going for a clean and natural look, but if you want your images to pop and really stand out: accessories are the way to go! Try gathering some bold statement jewelry, floppy hats, a lace umbrella, flowers, sunglasses, or even a bright and colorful beach towel. We’ll go through your outfits and accessories before the session and make a selection of the things we can use for the shoot.

DO: Work on your tan

Most of my clients that are here on vacation like to plan their session towards the end of their stay, so they have some time to work on their tan. I totally get that. A tan makes everyone look better, skinnier and healthier, right? Just don’t forget to use sunscreen and keep in mind which tan lines might be showing during your photo session!

DON’T: Get sunburned

The downside of people wanting a tan just a little too bad… A lot of my clients show up to their photo session sunburned. The sun on Curacao gets really intense and you need to apply tons of sunscreen (SPF 30 and up!) to really protect your skin. Believe me, you’ll still get a tan – you just won’t get burned! Of course I can always correct a bit of redness in post processing, but when your skin is peeling badly and/or even blistering it will be much harder to cover up.

DO: Think about your hair and makeup

Doing your hair and makeup can definitely add to the final result of your images. Especially if you want add a bit of extra glamour to your photos, getting your hair and makeup done will do just that for you. Keep in mind that Curacao does get pretty humid and windy, so a loose hairdo might get ruined rather quickly. Don’t forget to use a non oily foundation for your skin, since you’ll probably be a little sweaty throughout the session. Not really the makeup kinda girl? No problem at all! We can create beautiful and natural portraits of you either way.

DO: Shave

This one goes for both men and women. On close up portraits I will see everything… and I mean everything! Try to wait with shaving until the day of the photo session itself. This will reduce the amount of redness, bumps and visible irritation on the skin. Think your outfits through and which body parts you’ll be showing. Give them a nice scrub, shave and hydrate with some lotion after and you’ll be good to go!

DON’T: Be nervous or stress out

Last but definitely not least… Please don’t stress or be nervous! There’s really no need for it! The photo session will take place in a relaxed atmosphere and I always take my time with clients, so your nerves can settle a bit. I totally understand standing in front of the camera can feel a bit awkward at times, but that’s why I’m there to guide you through the whole experience. I will help you pose and tell you exactly what to do if you’re not naturally that comfortable in front of the camera. It’s my job to make you look good, so that’s exactly what I’ll do! Even if you might feel a bit body conscious, just know you’re in the right hands. I am very experienced in posing all kinds of body types, as well as fixing up other types of problems (pimples, mosquito bites, bruises) in post processing. So you just relax and have fun and I will guarantee to create beautiful images for you!